Thursday 10 March 2016

Trial update from Andrew...

Hi everyone,
An update on the trial and what is happening in Thailand.
Two weeks ago we filed an appeal to the ‘assault’ charge against Tinsley and requested that it should be upgraded to an attempted murder charge. We submitted medical evidence of the viciousness of the attack and evidence of more than one blow to Adam’s skull. This is important as more than one blow constitutes attempted murder. We were also lucky that Tinsley had filed his appeal on 4th February so we were able to reply to this at the same time. Both our documents have been accepted by the court and will now go to the supreme court in Bangkok where they will be considered alongside Tinsley’s appeal. We were told that there was nothing in Tinsley’s appeal that would overturn the guilty verdict so we are confident that that will stick and has a good chance of being upgraded to attempted murder. In our opinion and that of our legal team he has shot himself in the foot as his denials at the first hearing, about not driving a car, not leaving the bar and not being involved in an accident are contradicted in his appeal - proving he lied to the court.
Anyway the main thing for us is that this is now at an end and we just need to wait for the verdict. The courts can take a long time to hear the case, but we are told that they have been asked to speed up proceedings and this would seem to be the case as the last appeal was heard and settled within six months.Our legal team and investigators continue to work behind the scenes, but It is time for us to be released from all the stress and strain this court case has put on us, it is enough to have to deal with Adam’s condition. Tinsley has never shown any remorse, has been known to brag about what he did and to voice his contempt for the Thai justice system which he thinks he has beaten, it is deplorable.
We want to say a big thank you to our legal teams in Thailand and in England and to all the friends and colleagues who have helped us.
Adele and Andrew

Tuesday 16 February 2016

Recent developments in the trial...

Tinsley has now given his reply to our appeal to the court. They now decide if his appeal to our appeal is successful! This can take a while but we are speeding things up. We have also applied to revoke his bail, and to change the sentence from assault to attempted murder.
Hitting someone once with your fist would be assault. Hitting them twice over the head with a metal weapon is attempted murder.
He has sold his business, his car, his bike & his house is up for sale. He has shipped one container of goods and has been taking boxes to the DHL office in Pattaya. The actions of an innocent man? Does anyone else think he might be leaving??
We have told this to the court. He his boasting about how stupid the Thais are and how he has got away with it.
One good thing about Pattaya is that it is easy to get a private detective.

Tuesday 9 February 2016

Welcome to the senior prosecutor...

I would like to welcome Kerati Kankaew to these pages. Kerati is the senior prosecutor in Pattaya and did such a wonderful job alongside Iain Morley in getting Tinsley convicted last December. He continues to assist us as we work to bring an end to the games that TInsley is playing to avoid justice. Kerati has been a great support and represents all that is good within the Thai legal system. It is nice to have him with us.
Cafrin Hart Le Welcome to you Kerati and thank you for all you have done for our friends.
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Kerati Kankaew Dear Andrew,
I just do my best as a thai public prosecutor. As a father has one kid like Adam,i knew how important this case for you.
Kerati Kankaew
Neil Clappison Great to have you onboard Kerati Kankaew
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My review of Woodlands and new appeal for Adam's chair

Adam is very settled in his new home, they are taking so much better care of him than the previous one. All credit to Andrew & Adele for battling for months (on yet another front) to get him moved.
I’m happy to name & shame Adam’s previous ‘carers’ - Woodlands Neurological Centre in York, part of the heavily in-debt Christchurch Group - and in particular his consultant Dr Badwan (…/our-te…/dr-derar-badwan), a major shareholder. He has kept...
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Adele Bearfield This is horrifying to read, but so glad Adam has been moved. Neil can you please re-post bank account details as I can't see them, although I'm sure they're there on the page. I'll happily transfer across some cash.
Jan Ashton Horrible treatment of Adam, Andrew and Adele. So relieved that you are all being treated with care and respect now. Only too happy to send Adam an early Birthday present towards his chair  x
Paula Cat Thanks Neil and big love to Adam, Andrew and Adele. So happy to contribute - just need bank details please? 💕💕💕
Andrew Pickles Thanks Neil. We have had a meeting today with his new consultant and his team. What a difference. At last we feel that people are listening and seeing the potential for what Adam can achieve. It was such an emotional relief for us and Adam. At last we feel as if we are moving forward.
Sean O'Byrne Heartbreaking ! I also visited Adam in York when i was back on holiday from Colombia. How could they get away with this ?! Neil, do you mind re-posting paypal details to make a donation ? Thanks dude.
Neil Clappison

Cheers Sean
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Sean O'Byrne Thanks mate, i will get on this tonight.
Nicola Cox Thank you for the update Neil. It's great to hear some good positive news. I actually made a donation this morning as I completed the Dryathlon for the 3rd January running which is in aid of cancer research, but I decided to match it with a donation for Adam too. Hope it helps X
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Andrew Pickles Thank you so much Nicola Cox
Nicola Cox my pleasure. It's not much but Adam is always in my thoughts xx
Neil Clappison
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Kat Vid This is such a horrendous story. What an awful man. Yet again Andrew, Adele and Adam have shown that love, perserverence and strength are what they are made of.
Sharon Moore Despicable! Happy to contribute. Best wishes to Adam, Andrew and Adele.
Tracey Gudonis-Page Grim reading. Will donate today and I look forward to hearing more positive updates now Adam is in the right hands! Xx
Gina Thompson This is heartbreaking!!! After everything, to find that the person you've trusted with the care of your son is just a callous money grabbing piece of garbage..........I hope he gets his payback in our lifetime!!!!!! I've made a donation for Adams chair, love to all.xxxxx
David G Mccabe Thanks Neil. Early birthday money on the way for Adam.
Ella Swinley As if you didn't all already have so much to battle; so cruel and callous. Awful to read about such 'abuse', I don't think there is any other word for it, but also so pleased to hear about his new home. I'll send some money over and I've forwarded Neil's message onto my mum and her partner (Jan Swinley and John Harrison) who I know will want to help their friend out too.
Carrie Sharratt Absolutely terrible!! So glad he's in a place where they actually care!!
Patricia Barber It amazes me that this still goes on in the UK
name and shame everywhere is what I say .. not just on this page ..
Patricia Barber Will send a donation towards the chair
Ian Usher Dr Badwan named & shamed good on you lets hope the authorities take appropriate action.
Paula Cat Happy Birthday Adam donation done.  
Carol Norwell So pleased to hear that Adam is now in a place that will properly care for him and look after his needs. Please, please, please inform the CQC who oversee care in Nursing Homes and Hospitals. If you put in formal terms your concerns it helps ensure that this callous treatment of patients will not happen to others. Well done for moving Adam.
The independent regulator of all health and social care services in England. The Care Quality Commission…
Jody Burley Money on the way. Glad Adam is being well cared for at last.
Cafrin Hart Le Thanks for this Neil Clappison. It beggars belief that people can carry on like this. Pleased you've named and shamed him, it's exactly what Adam would do. Good call on the chair, will transfer today xx
Caroline Delhommeau Thank you Neil for keeping us informed and asking his friends for help in order to help Adam and his mum and dad. They are much too grateful to ever ask for more. Will make a transfer tonight for Ad's bday present. We love you Ads xxxxx
Helena Belaid A positive outcome at last!! I hope that enough money will be raised enough to fulfil Adam's needs! God bless!
Sue Hartle Neil. This is disgraceful. I would like to think justice would be served against this dr in particular. I doubt that Adele and Andrew have enough left in them to do it. So pleased he is in a Leonard Cheshire. Brilliant charity! Sending donation. My love and thoughts with them all, as always X
Sarah Norwell Thank you for making us all aware of the situation Neil. Love and thoughts to Adam, Adele and Andrew xxx
David Robinson Rarely have I read such a heartfelt and hard-hitting account of anything, let alone an ongoing tragic situation like this. I'm happy to contribute. And I'm happy to say well-done, Neil for 'telling it how it is and be damned!'. Sometimes that's just what it takes to get things done xx R
Rich Berry Money on the way from Annie and I. So pleased to hear Adam's now getting the care he deserves.